Roland DX-7 Printhead /Epson/

This is the latest head model and the main part of the Epson head based printers.
The Roland DX-7 printhead uses 6 lines x 90 nozzles each. So, totally it has 540 nozzles and brings a 1440 dpi resolution.
And the droplet size is 1.5 picco liters at 8 kHz.

DX-7 provides an optimal printing speed, thus maintaining very high-quality output. Due to its characteristics, DX-7 can offer significant savings in print production costs.

The DX-7 printhead is the core of a number of new Roland printer models. Namely, it is built in all XF-640, RF-640, XR-640, RE-640, RA-640, VS-300/ VS-640, EJ-640, FH, Roland Texart RT, and TX
eco solvent and dye sublimation models.

It is in the print market since 2014.

As well known, the printhead is one of the most important components
of such a machine. For sure, it costs a lot.

Therefore, it is the highest priority of a machine owner or operator to keep the printhead in a perfect condition. First, to achieve the best quality of the printed images. Second, to save on expensive service and printhead replacement.

Above all, regular precise cleaning and maintenance keep you far from troubles. For this reason, always perform a nozzle check
and head flushing of the DX-7 printhead as described in your printer manual.

Using proven ink consumables is another basic issue.

If you wish to avoid print imperfections and clogging, do not experiment with an uncertified ink.

Ask our experts for the best solution, in case you wish to reduce ink cost and save your printhead life.

Our spare parts originate from the OEM manufacturer. All heads are nozzle tested in Japan.


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