Roland LEF-200 UV flatbed printer machine


Roland LEF-200 UV flatbed printer machine prints directly onto various objects: like gifts, gadjets, ceramics, metal plates, and many other popular items, even on foam signs.



In fact, this flatbed UV printer creates unlimited customized design products. The final result is the highly-profitable output. Moreover, the VersaUV LEF-200 printer delivers vibrant colours at the finest quality. In addition, a wide gamut of trendy textures and reliefs makes the product range unique. First of all, VersCeaUV LEF2-200 prints easily stunning, photos, graphics and text on any object or substrate. In way of contrast to other printers, ECO-UV ink dries instantly on the surface of the material. Thus it allows printing directly onto hard and soft materials. Such as PVC, wood, plastics,  leather, canvas, and fabric. Materials can be up to 100 mm thick. Also, a height tolerance of 2 mm makes easy the printing onto irregular objects and reliefs.

With the LEF2-200  UV printer, you can easily customize a wide range of items. Such as promotional items, smartphone cases, laptop covers, souvenirs, prototypes, signs, personalized gifts and many more. Furthermore, both an optional vacuum table and a rotary axis jig make give you the great possibility to print onto bottles and other cylindrical objects. Read more details in the product brochure here:

Read more details in the product brochure here:,-w-,dgn-brochure/printer/lef2-200-brochure-web.pdf



Ink Color

CMYK + 2 White, CMYK + Wh + Gl

Ink Type


Acceptable material thickness


Acceptable media widths

538(W) x 360(L)

Number of Print Heads


Packing ink - ml

220 ml, 500 ml


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