Manual Cold Laminator XL 1600 M2

This entry level manual cold laminator serves basic but essential jobs. First of all, its construction is simple and reliable.

In such way, the laminating machine covers very basic but still fundamental functions.

Finally, it has optimal characteristics at a very affordable price.

General Features

Laminator width 1590 mm.

Equipped with 120 mm silicon rolls. Accepted material can be up to 35 mm thick.

Quick and easy to use, it helps the operator to save time and improve productivity. Furthermore, with the Xlam 1600 Manual 2.0 cold laminator you can increase the quality of your work. This is because your prints get well protected. And as a result,  they keep long-lasting finish and quality.

High efficiency

The laminating machine does not generate folds or bubbles. Therefore, it always guarantees excellent results. Even when laminating wide media substrates as well.

The lifting system of the laminator is pneumatic. This allows you to

speed up the material loading.  Collecting the final production is accelerated as well. The Xlam 1600 Manual 2.0 cold laminator is the ideal beginner’s solution. Namely, it provides simple, less costly and high-quality workflow.


Jobs like car wrapping prints, soft media, rigid boards, and floor graphics.

Outdoor and indoor image protection.

Detailed description

Machine model: Xlam 1600 Manual 2.0

Maximum roll film width: 1590 mm

Maximum acceptable thickness of the material: 35 mm

Silicon laminating rolls diameter: 120 mm

Roller lifting method: Compressed air

Speed control method: Manual

Dimensions of the laminating machine: 1994 x 1130 x 600 mm

Weight including also the stand: 180 kg

Type of packaging: Wooden box

Packaging dimensions: 2000 X 600 x 530 mm

Packed weight: 210 kg

Warranty of the machine: 1 year from installation

Acceptable material thickness

35 mm

Acceptable media widths

1590 mm



Packaging weight



180 kg

Height [mm]

1130 mm

Width [mm]



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