Dekken T-Mini compact garment folding machine

The T-Mini folding station is the smallest, most flexible and fast machine of its class because it requires only 15-20 m2 of workspace for folding and packing /excluding the conveyor system/.


T-mini has a two-bag size solution for packaging the garment.
It weighs 350 kg /without conveyor/ and can be easily moved and re-positioned.

Investment return

Its capacity goes up to 620 pcs/ h. Compared to its price, the T-Mini is the best folding choice for returning your initial investment.
An automatic label application option at the end makes it suitable for ideal customization.
It is a perfect start for small shop businesses. But also T-Mini gives an industrial folding performance. So with its features, it helps your gradual and fast business growth.

Adding labels

The T-Mini allows being equipped with many labeling options. Such can be mounted directly onto the conveyor, or as a stand-alone add-on.

Inner cardboard support

Some jobs require inserting a cardboard piece. Such an inlet helps the product to stay neatly as folded initially and thus brings a nicer overall look.
Such cardboard insertion allows adding advertising, if necessary.
The T-Mini machine can fold the item around the cardboard. It simply places the cardboard on top of the folded item.

Specially designed to fold

Within a few limitations, the T-Mini can fold
• T-Shirts
• Polo Shirts
• Button UP Shirts
• Sweaters
• Long sleeves
• Pants
• Shorts
• Tank Tops
• Aprons
• Towels

Any other specific item could be factory-tested for you. Just ask!

Certain limitations

• Heavy or very large items. /A reason to perform the initial test!/.
• Sliding the items down can cause slight shaping imperfection, but generally, they straighten out automatically through the next folding steps.
• The T-Mini has no stacking options, for the moment.
• This machine does not support size labels. Labeling can be processed only after folding/ bagging.
• No sealing option at bagging, so far.


Garment folding dimensions
Small: 20 cm
Medium: 25 cm
Large: 34 cm
Standard Bag Size (L) x (W) 30 cm x 27 cm, 3 cm Flap
Power consumption 0,6 kWh
Air consumption 100 l/min
Power 0,7 kW
Current 3,2 A
Packaged size (L) x (W) x (H) 154 cm x 114 cm x 121 cm
Net/ gross weight 230 kg/ 304 kg
Available conveyor dimensions for T-Mini 150 cm; 254 cm


350 kg



Power supply

0,7 kW 3,2 A


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