SEFA iSpray-2 T-shirt & fabric pre-treatment machine

If you run a garment printing business, Sefa iSpray-2 pre-treatment station is essential for the preparation of your work.
As a matter of fact, a dark garment needs pre-treatment. This processing seals the fabric fibers, thus providing a good, printable surface where the ink stays fixed.
Together with dark textile, mainly cotton, and its mixtures, the light fabric printability also improves dramatically. The colours become bright, vivid and saturated.
As a result, the pre-treatment of the garment increases the sales margin of your printing business. Therefore, it is not only worth but a must to add such equipment in your initial DTG investment plan.
Sefa iSpray-2 is an ideal solution for the purpose.
Above all, it allows you to achieve excellent printing results besides its

Major benefits

• 2 spray nozzles with settable number of active nozzles
• Adjustable nozzle width/ height
• Nozzle travel speed regulation
• Fine pinpoint area spraying adjustment
• Counter of cycles
• Single-pass/return-pass spray action
• Nozzle and machine cleaning straightforward routine
• Touch control display
• Anti-clogging system, protecting spraying nozzles
• Non-return valves for pristine spray action
Moreover, iSpray -2 pre-treating machine has several modern improvements, compared to its competitive brands.

Electronic features

• Touch electronics developed by Sefa.
• Nozzle activation checking.
• Resettable counter.
So, here are the general characteristics of iSpray-2 pre-treating device. Specifically, it has optimal dimensions and simple but smart construction.

Operation basics

Constriction specifics Sliding tray with drawer
Platen size 40×50 cm / Junior platen – optional
Weight 95 kg
Power/ Amperage 300W/ 1,3 A
Power supply 240 V Single-phase + Neutral + Ground
Dimensions 600x1570x645 mm


– Junior platen iSpray
25 x 30 cm platen for the iSPRAY-2

– Support table duplex
Press table for Duplex models
Table options: with/ without wheels.

The machine is designed and manufactured in France and delivers the excellent and unique Sefa brand quality.







95 kg

Power supply

300W/ 1,3 A


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